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We at are aware that all of the used vehicles offered for sale on our site may not be perfect. We will disclose all known mechanical defects and provide revealing photographs of each assets appearance. We believe that there may be financial advantages for our wholesale buyers acquiring those assets knowing the shortcomings and defects of those items and then performing repairs to those assets through their own resources.

Consumer Used Vehicle Warranty:
All vehicles sold to consumers are subject to the Massachusetts Used Vehicle Warranty Statute.

Disclosed Defects:
Massachusetts General Law does not provision an exemption of warranty for consumers for disclosed defects. According to the statue however, defects that affect only appearance and defects that do not impair use or safety are not covered under the MA Used Vehicle Warranty Law. If a vehicle offered upon our online auction website has disclosed major defects, and you are not a vehicle repair shop member, a reseller, (licensed dealer) or recycler,  please refrain from bidding on those items.  All disclosures are easily identified on the condition report located at the bottom of the each items photo gallery. (Please feel free to call us for more information 1-508-409-6485).

All Other Vehicle Buyers:
All vehicles are sold without warranty to licensed dealers, repair shops and recyclers.  We at do however understand that to maintain the integrity of our company and the continuing trust of our customers that the descriptions of the assets offered for sale are accurate. We will always describe the condition of the vehicles we have for sale as accurately as possible. We value the confidence of our customers to engage in a positive transaction.

All Other Asset Types:
In the event we offer non vehicle asset types upon our website for sale, once again we understand that to maintain the continuing trust of our customers and the integrity of our company the descriptions of the assets offered for sale must be accurate. Ultimately it is however, the bidders responsibility to perform the satisfactory due diligence in inspecting the assets of interest. We highly encourage you to take advantage of any published preview times to personally inspect the assets of your interest or engage the services of a third party inspector to do so on your behalf as even though we make every effort to provide accurate descriptions, all non vehicle assets are sold “as-is”